Hi, I'm Jonas!

If you liked my photos, I'm glad you are interested to learn more about me and my team.

My passion for photography started to develop in 2010, when I was drawn into nature and landscape photography. Finally in 2012, I photographed my first wedding and immediately fell in love. I realized that this is the best job I can imagine. Is there anything better, than to accompany a couple on one of their best days in life? What fascinates me about wedding photograph is, that it’s so diverse and true. It is one of the most authentic branches of photography, as every emotion like a tear of joy or a smile happens only in this moment and is not staged. The skill is to press the shutter at the right time and create a picture, that captures and tells the atmosphere and feelings happening in that blink of an eye. This is how my photos tell a story, your story. Being open-minded, I integrate myself into your wedding party and capture the day discreetly.

I love to work with light and create images that combine the emotional side with  landscapes and beautiful sceneries of our nature.

Since my beginning in wedding photography, I gained experience at numerous weddings in Germany, Europe and even on different continents and are happy about first successes in international renown contests.

But what do I do, when I’m not at a wedding? Besides wedding photography, I study Biology and Geography to become a teacher and are looking forward to pass knowledge on to students. When I’m neither at a wedding, nor at university, I travel the world, enjoy calm sunsets, play Floorball, go mountain biking and spend a lot of time with my dog, Luke.

Hi, I'm Luke!

In 2017, I joined the team and already became an important part of the work. I'm acting more in the background, keep Lara & Jonas' feet warm and always cause good mood. Yet, I haven't been to a wedding with them, but are in training to bear rings one day.

Travel Dates 2018

MAY // Tyrol
JULY // Amalfi coast
AUGUST // Switzerland